Friday, August 2, 2013

McConnell battles Tea Party challenger Matt Bevin

It will be one of the most watched races of 2014, and a measure of the rift in the Republican Party between the establishment and the Tea Party.

Mitch McConnell -- the country's most powerful Republican senator, the longest-serving senator in Kentucky history and a five-term incumbent -- faces a Tea Party primary challenge from millionaire Louisville businessman and Tea Party darling Matt Bevin.

The first-time candidate, in announcing his bid, ripped McConnell as simply not conservative enough.
"After 30 years in Washington, it is clear that Mitch McConnell has lost touch with our state, its people and our values," Bevin said.

Some Tea Partiers call GOP primaries "hunting season for RINOS" -- short for "Republicans-In-Name-Only." Bevin's first ad was indeed an attack in that spirit.

"McConnell has voted for higher taxes, bailouts, debt ceiling increases, congressional pay raises and liberal judges," the ad says. "I'm Matt Bevin and I approved this message because America deserves more than failed leadership."

(Commentary:  Anytime we can replace establishment Republicans or Democrats with TEA Party candidates, we should give it our best effort.  Best of luck to Matt Bevin.)

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