Friday, August 2, 2013

Tea Party Delivers Letters to Congress Opposing Amnesty

In the hours before the Congress heads home for August recess, a large coalition of Tea Partiers from around the country delivered letters announcing their opposition to amnesty for America’s illegal aliens to every member of the House of Representatives.
The group detailed problems with the nearly 1,200-page Senate bill, including that it will “cost Americans taxpayers trillions of dollars,” will lower Americans’ wages according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), fails to close loopholes allowing illegal aliens access to welfare programs, does not secure the border, imposes “significant burdens on” state and local government, increases the flow of future illegal immigration, “contains payouts and political favors for special interest groups,” gives the Secretary of Homeland Security “total discretion” on whether to follow the law, “reverses America’s ‘melting pot’ tradition by funneling taxpayer dollars to community organizing groups that undermine the patriotic assimilation of new immigrants,” and “decimates” interior enforcement of America’s immigration laws.


(Commentary:  The big takeaway is the cost.  This requires HUGE spending of our tax dollars for people that broke the law.)

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