Monday, August 5, 2013

NPR Posts House Chart Laying Out IRS Harassment of Tea Party

The Corner at National Review Online, David French (a lawyer probing the IRS scandal) reports that NPR has posted a chart summarizing the House Oversight Committee’s findings on the IRS targeting of “progressive” groups versus conservative, Tea Party and “patriot or 9/12" organizations. The numbers are not close.

There were only seven “progressive” groups targeted and all seven were approved for tax-exempt status. By contrast, the IRS targeted 104 anti-Obama groups, and 56 of them are still waiting for approval (or gave up). French says it makes the New York Times look silly:
If progressives experienced similar targeting, why didn’t they make any notable contemporaneous complaints? After all, conservatives raised the issue well over a year ago, members of Congress asked the IRS commissioner about it directly, and the New York Times was even moved by the complaints to write its now-clownish March 7, 2012, editorial claiming the IRS was merely “do[ing] its job.”

Perhaps progressives didn’t complain because their targeting experience involved seven groups that were asked an average of just five additional questions (rounded up to be generous) and were approved at a 100 percent rate.

By contrast, 104 ”phony scandal” conservative groups experienced an average of 15 additional questions (14.9 to be exact), only 46 percent were approved, and 56 groups are either waiting for a determination or have withdrawn in frustration. There is simply no comparison.

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