Monday, August 19, 2013

WRONG - NOT TEA PARTY - California tea party legislator pulling ‘horrified’ teenagers from school to avoid transgender equality law

TPNR COMMENTARY:  What Assemblyman Tin Donnelly is doing is a good move.  Associating this agenda PRO or CON with the TEA Party is NOT PROPER.  The TEA Party is NOT about social issues like gay rights, abortion, racism, etc... The TEA Party is about fiscal responsibility, smaller government, lesser taxation, and constitutionality. 

California State Assemblyman Tim Donnelly went on Fox & Friends this morning and declared that he would be pulling his “horrified” children from public schools now that Jerry Brown has signed AB 1266 into law. The bill allows transgender students the opportunity to participate in sex-segregated activities and use restroom facilities consistent with their stated gender identities instead of the one on their birth certificates.
On Friday, Donnelly wrote that “[m]any of the parents I have heard from within the last few days have literally pulled their kids out of public schools and have enrolled them in homeschool and private school programs.”

Today, the self-described Tea Party conservative announced that he would be joining their ranks. After complaining that the bill “violates the rights of the 98 percent of students who do not identify as transgender,” he indicated that its passage unleashed a “tsunami of discontent” which, he believes, will lead to the bill’s repeal. A group calling itself “Privacy for All Students” filed a referendum to overturn the bill last week, but it is unclear whether they can gather 500,000 signatures in the 90 days required by California law.


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