Current TEA Party Leadership Rankings (Top 10)

We are ranking the TEA Party leaders.  This ranking is dynamic and liable to change over time.  The actions, popularity, and character the leaders portray will effect their current ranking on this board.

1.  Ted Cruz (Senator-Texas)

2.  Rand Paul (Senator - Kentucky)

3.  Sarah Palin (Ex-Governor - Alaska)

4.  Bobby Jindal (Governor - Louisiana)

5.  Nikki Haley (Governor - South Carolina)

6.  John Kasich (Governor - Ohio)

7.  Mike Lee (Senator - Utah)

8.  Mike Pence (Governor - Indiana)

9.  Tim Scott (Senator - South Carolina)

10.  Paul Broun (Congressman - Georgia)

If you would like to offer your input, please do so.  We will consider current Governors, Senators, or Congresswomen or Congressmen.  Sarah Palin gets consideration, because she is Sarah Palin!

Currently, there are over 50 members of the U.S. Senate / U.S. Congress that are TEA Party members and the best Governors in the nation have TEA Party affiliation.

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